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Dr. Pakula

Pre Natal Massage; Post Natal Massage; For the Daddy

Massage & Infertility

Infertility is defined by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine as the inability to conceive despite trying for one year. In a broader sense infertility can also include those who are not able to carry a pregnancy to term. Infertility affects about 6.1-million Americans – that’s 10-percent of those who are reproductively-aged.  In some cases infertility has been linked to high-stress levels; which is an area that therapeutic massage can be of benefit. Many couples trying to conceive go through several different rituals that can indirectly cause elevated stress levels.

Regular therapeutic massage treatments can significantly reduce stress levels and increase relaxation. Thus, when investigating massage therapy treatments, you can focus on reducing tension, increasing relaxation and decreasing stress. Make certain that you are treated only by a certified massage therapist and explain your specific goals of the treatment before your first massage. That way the therapist can focus on getting the tension out of specific muscles and elevating your sense of relaxation.

There are two form of massage that deal with infertility directly. One is Mayan abdominal massage. Mayan abdominal massage was brought to North America and Europe by Dr. Rosita Arvigo. This form of massage is slow and deep. It works to manipulate internal organs. 90% of women have a tipped or misplaced uterus at some point in their lives. This massage works to correct that and reposition the uterus.Mayan abdominal massage therapists also prescribe herbs and teach self-care techniques. Therapists claim a 50% success rate helping couples to conceive.

Additionally, I also came across this very unique soft tissue technique called the Wurn Technique. This unique manual physical therapy treatment was developed over the last 15-years at Clear Passage Therapies, a physical therapy network. The Wurn Technique was shown to improve the rates of both natural and in vitro fertilization (IVF) in scientific studies published in 2004.The Wurn Technique addresses the cause of many types of female infertility. Adhesions and poor reproductive mechanics cause nearly half of all female infertility. This newly researched therapy uses non-surgical soft tissue physical therapy to decrease adhesions and increase the function of the reproductive organs, rather than bypassing them. Initial findings indicate that the results of Wurn therapy may last for years (rather than for just a single cycle).
Infertility is a difficult situation for many couples to go through. The conventional treatments are very expensive. These forms of massage might be a good option to try before turning to more conventional infertility treatments

Pre & Post Natal Massage

The Benefits of Pre Natal Massage

Along with the joy of pregnancy come physical and emotional changes like anxiety, stress, fatigue, edema (swelling), sciatica, and lower back pain. For thousands of years, massage has been used ease these, and many other symptoms, facilitating the healthiest, most enjoyable pregnancy possible for both mommy and baby (this makes Daddy happy too!).

Having experienced these symptoms first hand during my pregnancy, I understand what you are going through. This is a time of great excitement, but also a time where you need support and understanding. I am here to help you and your baby.

Regularly scheduled massage prepares the body for labor, and helps with high-risk pregnancies.

The Benefits of Post Natal Massage

Your pregnancy is over and you are enjoying your newborn baby. An entirely new way of life has emerged for your family. Mommy, you have now entered what is called the recovery phase. You may be feeling depleted & fatigued, muscle soreness & strain, various aches & pains, not to mention the potentially overwhelming emotions caused by the change in hormones in your bloodstream.

Massage treatment provides physical & emotional nurturing during this pivotal time where mom still needs some extra support. It helps restore the body to pre-pregnancy physiology, and assists in the healing process after childbirth.

Postpartum massage is highly regarded throughout the world for its ability to help women recover from pregnancy and birthing.

For the Daddy

During a time when the physical & emotional changes in the expectant mother are so evident, it’s easy for dad to feel left out. He’s experiencing his own emotional and physical stress and it’s important for him to receive Pre & Post Natal massage too!


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